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CS Portable certainly is one of the best Counter Strike clones available on the web. The game is availabe for unity 3d (web version), IOS and Android. It is a cross platform online first person shooter. This means players with different hardware and operating systems are able to play against each others on the same server.

The graphics and sound fx are very good and the gameplay is very fluid too. Apart from a few lags here and there it feels more like a desktop or console game. Veterans will recognize some of the maps as they are quite similar to those of the big brother. If you do not want to play multiplayer there is a very powerful single player mode available. In single player can can choose from 3 different game modes: classic, team deathmatch and zombie survival. This feature can be used to train a bit so you do not get eaten by the pros on the servers. The zombie survival really is a challenging and very well done subgame. The characters and the zombies are all well done and animated.

But now enjoy the game and challenge other top players, join a clan or take some zombies down in CS Portable.

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You will need the Unity Webplayer(Freeware) to play the game: Unity 3D Webplayer download

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